Jelly Bean Wars: Which Flavor Will Win?

Jelly beans: one of America’s greatest candies; a crisp outer layer with a soft, chewy center. One may suspect that these sweet treats are simple- after all, they’ve been around for many years and have maintained the same relative features. However, if you look deeper into their history, you’d recognize the true, hidden secret of jelly beans: they’re constantly at war.

‘How can a candy be at war?’ you might ask. The truth is more complex than you may think. If you’re imagining the tiny beans clad with armor and bearing swords, you’d unfortunately be wrong. The heart of the battle isn’t what’s on the outside, but rather what’s on the inside- which flavor of jelly beans is the best? has been tracking recent trends within the jelly bean world, namely how they rank based on flavor. To their surprise, the site found out that the number one ranked flavor, previously black licorice, has been replaced! But which flavor has taken the crown? None other than buttered popcorn!

With a whopping 11 states within the United States claiming they prefer buttered popcorn, black licorice is now only the favorite flavor of 8 states. A few other contenders were chocolate, orange, coconut and cinnamon.

Using data from the past 10 years, including polls and surveys of more than 12,000 candy customers, was able to list off preferred flavors by state, allowing readers to find out which flavor holds their home state’s heart. The site also features an interactive map which displays the flavors’ ranks by state, as well as a list of the available options.

It’s hard to imagine that one of America’s favorite treats could be living such a busy life- with crazy new flavors to compete with, it would seem that jelly beans are at a constant war to win the title of the most-liked flavor in America. Will buttered popcorn keep the crown? Will black licorice rise again? Or will a new flavor rise to the top? Whatever the future holds, jelly beans will never be looked at as ‘boring’ again!


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